Video content Has Proven Its ROI For Marketing Departments, But…

Content marketers love using video content because it has proven to be an incredible conversion tactic. It also tops the list of content that audiences simply can’t get enough of – a marketers dream. However, in a recent report by emarketer, when surveyed, a high percentage of marketers said that producing video content had the perception of being really difficult to pull off. Even though, when it comes to return on investment (ROI), the vast majority of marketers say that video drives real dollar-for-dollar results. So, why do such a high percentage of marketers describe video as “difficult to create.”?


Three factors come into play:


  1. Budget: Marketers are still scared off by the perceived notion that videos are super expensive to create.
  2. Resources: More and more companies are bringing content creation in-house; marketers may feel that sourcing a third-party vendor will defeat lean corporate standards
  3. Quality: Consumers know the difference between good video content and poor video content. Marketers are responsible for finding good video companies, and don’t want to get burned by a less-than-professional end product.


These are all fair concerns. We agree that these three variables might cause marketing departments to stay status quo, and leave video off their content strategy. But, now it’s time to bust some myths.


  1. Budget: In the same breath, marketers agree whole-heartedly that video yields short and long terms return on investment – but are scared by the cost to produce it. Do some simple math. What is the value of a lead? What is the value of a conversion? What is the value of a new customer? In most cases, one new deal will pay for your video – particularly in a B2B environment. If you are scared that you won’t be able to secure the budget, pull together these metrics, and determine how many leads/conversions/deals it will take to “pay it off”. You might be surprised.


  1. Resources: Granted, in-house content development is a trend that is working in business today. But if you want to do video, and you want to do it right, you must outsource. Look around, there are a lot of talented people working with you – but none of them can produce the kind of video you’re looking for. By outsourcing (scary word, let’s use “third-party vendor” instead), you are effectively “hiring” a team of professionals – from illustration, to production, to post production, sound and effects. Yes, you’re right; you do NOT have the resources to get your video projects off the ground. Luckily, there are highly capable and talented video companies that can do it for you (and they don’t need desk space at your office, or a phone extension).


  1. Quality: Marketers are afraid that they’ll choose the wrong vendor, and end up with a video that looks like it was pieced together by the people that brought you The Blair Witch Project. This is simply a function of doing careful research, and watching a lot of videos. You have your pick of video companies, just ask Google. But let their work speak for them. Ask them about their process. If you are involved from start to finish, you will never end up with a video you don’t approve of. At IllustrateiT, our clients sign-off on every detail from script, to storyboard, to music and even choose their voiceover artist. Quality can be guaranteed – it doesn’t have to be a variable.

Video works because it can turn a lead into an engagement better than any other marketing tactic in your content strategy. No ifs, ands or buts about it.


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