Video And Pinterest – A Pinning Combo!

How Big?

Approx. 27 million pinterest

1,255,225,000 minutes spent using Pinterest last year.

Largest year-over-year increase in audience and time spent of any social network.

Demographics: Statistics show that almost 80% of all Pinterest users are women – that’s not even close to balanced! The predominant age of a ‘Pinner’ is between the ages of 35-49, 31% of them fit that description.

The most effective brands on Pinterest are using it to say more about their brand identity, their individuality, and ultimately their inspiration. What makes you stand out as a brand? What are your core values? What picture tells a thousand words about your brand? That’s what a consumer wants to discover…not what you are selling, rather, why what you’re selling speaks to their personal brand and identity.

Here’s why marketers love Pinterest:

  • People are spending A LOT of time on Pinterest. Browsing for Pin-spiration, pinning and repinning, searching boards for new, fresh content. Marketers can use that time to capture the attention of an online market with HUGE potential for buying opportunities.
  • People are buying it. On average, Pinterest generates 27% more revenue per click than the Zuckerberg network, Facebook. Pinners are actively shopping; they are pin-spired by creative photography and videos to seek out new products and discover new brands.
  • ‘Idea exchange’ is the new concept on the block – and it may be better than just ‘social engagement’ as a tool for marketers. Ideas, in the form of images and video, are shared at a torrid pace by a highly active community of pinners and re-pinners. It’s worth noting, Pinterest is not fueled by commenting in the same way Facebook and Linkedin are; Pinterest is fueled by the exchange, not the amount of social conversation.

Pinterest and Video

There’s a real opportunity for marketers to use images and videos to engage a captive and active audience. A lot of people don’t realize that you can Pin videos in the same way you pin photos….But you could completely ruin your opportunity to build a relationship by turning into a pen salesman with video.

Pinterest is not Youtube. Use video on Pinterest effectively with these tips:

– Be descriptive – Don’t ever leave the description field blank! Add a descriptive title and caption to your video (a la Youtube). Use your keywords and brand messaging in a conversational tone and make sure to link back to your website, or social networks.


– Easy Pinning – remember to include a ‘Pin this’ icon next to your video player on your website, blog, social networks and Youtube. Create synergy between your social media efforts. If your video is uploaded to Youtube, you should also include a “Follow me on Pinterest” caption as an outro.


– Pin great content – Explainer videos are created with viral-potential in mind. The best videos to Pin are short, original, and shareable. Be sure you include a clear ‘call to action’ that inspires the viewer to discover more about your brand, leads them to your website, or asks them to join your other social networks.

At this point, the online consumer is smarter than the average bear; they can smell a sales tactic a mile away. Don’t simply use your videos as a device to promote your products or brand. Use video to make an impression, say something about your brand, and put compelling content into the hands of active consumers… They’ll do the rest!

On a final note, only the A plus work was posted on the fridge. Don’t clutter up your boards with images and videos that diminish your brand, or even worse…make you look like a used car salesman trying to make a buck.

*Next in our Series’ The Social Saga’: Why everyone and their Aunt Matilda is a Blogger.

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