Three Website Design Myths You Need to Know About

blog three website design myths you need to know about

When you redesign your website or start a new one from scratch, you want to end up with a website design that’s the right fit for your business. To make sure this happens, we’re here to reveal the truth about some of the most common website design myths we keep hearing:

  1. Looks are the most important— Obviously, you want your business’ website to look good. However, behind every good website design, there has to be quality content to back it up. This will ensure that when customers visit your site, they’re impressed by the way it looks, and they’re also able to find the information they’re after.
  2. The homepage has the biggest impact— Your homepage is an important part of your site, but it’s not the only page you should focus on. While some of your customers may find themselves on your homepage right away, chances are, they’ll get to it by clicking on another page. For example, if a potential customer finds a blog your business wrote, they’d start on that page and eventually make their way to other pages on your website if they wanted to know more.
  3. Your website is only a sales tool— Even though your website is technically a sales tool, this doesn’t mean it should act like one. Instead of focusing on getting sales when you put together your website design, place your emphasis on crafting a website that provides your customers with value.
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