The Value of Visual Information

Are you a visual learner?

Studies reveal that approximately 65% of people walking the earth identify with a predominantly visual learning style- so chances are you do to!

Remember, learning doesn’t just ‘stop’ once you’ve passed your final exams… you take your ‘learning skills’ with you everywhere you go (even if you did drop math after grade 11!). So if you were a visual learner at age 6, you are still a visual learner today.

If you never took a learning styles test to discover your strengths and inclinations, here are some of the characteristics of a Visual Learner:


– Take notes to remember details

– Remember faces, but not names

– Prefer to be organized and tidy

– Colour code information or highlight points to remember

– ‘See’ information in your head

Perhaps more importantly, how do 65% of us process and retain information?

If you are a visual learner, experts say that there are some standard techniques that will appeal to your learning instincts:


  • Participate and interact with information
  • Use maps, diagrams, videos and images
  • Mix audio with visual to connect the information
  • Pick out key words and connect them with an image


Perhaps that’s why the Internet is the ultimate learning tool as it provides information in every form – video, diagrams (infographics), graphs, interactive campaigns, charts etc. And considering more than half the world learns through the use of visuals, companies can utilize this data by producing information with the visual learner in mind. That means incorporating images, videos and diagrams/maps/charts.

It’s not enough to just slap information onto a webpage, add some visuals – 65% of consumers will thank you.

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