The Super Bowl Ad Playbook

Some say the game is just the break between the commercials. Agree or disagree, you can’t deny the spectacle of Super Bowl Ads; the penultimate marketing extravaganza. While it may have started with the big companies flexing their marketing muscles, more recently, the game has changed to include companies willing to try their creative marketing tactics in front of the largest TV viewing audience all year.

The game has certainly changed, here’s what marketers can learn from the new playbook.

  • Get ‘Extra Yardage’ with YouTube:

We’ve learned that ANYTHING can be the sleeper viral sensation of the year – from aerial stunts, to cats in knitted socks, YouTube has leveled the playing field. You no longer have to be Coca Cola to get 5 million hits on your video – just ask Psy. Super Bowl Ads are not just aired twice during the game and then put to bed, they get ‘extra yardage’ by leveraging the billions of viewers on the internet. There are two main reasons why a marketer LOVES YouTube. The first is that you can easily track the number of views and determine the success of your video. The second is that they don’t have to dip into their marketing budget to post the video. The average Super Bowl Ad slot can set you back a couple million – If you’re VW or Budweiser, maybe that doesn’t scare you. If you’re the average company on a limited marketing budget, YouTube is free.

  • Get your ‘points’ in under the clock:

A Super Bowl Ad is a great model for creating an effective Explainer video, because every second counts. When you pay for every second, every word has a value attached to it. The challenge is to be innovative, memorable and effectively promote your brand message in 60 seconds or less. An Explainer video is most effective when it is less than 2 minutes in total running time. Our team will work with you to develop a concept and a script that will get your point across and make them count.

  • Run the ‘Blitz’:

A blitz play is a strategy in which a linebacker or defensive back vacates his normal responsibilities in order to pressure the quarterback. What’s your blitz play? Do something different to get different results. Sometimes a small shake-up will play out big time. Ask Old Spice. A video will instantly enhance your website, generate higher conversion rates, augment your sales strategy and reach your target market more effectively. It’s a blitz play that will make you stand out from your competitors and communicate your unique brand message.

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