The Psychology of the Click

Let’s call it the “Freudian Click” – people click what they click for a reason! We aren’t robots or sea slugs, we make a conscious decision about our actions, even when we’re inanely surfing the web, or casually skimming our social media accounts. Our activity (clicks) online mean we are being active, not passive.


Before we dive into the psychology of a click 101, let’s first locate where the most ‘clicking’ takes place. (In no particular order)


Click> Social Media

eg: Jimmy shares a video link with you on his status, Pepsi links to featured content on its website


Click>Email marketing campaigns

eg: A company newsletter links to an article on their site, or a their Youtube channel



eg: Google ads, social media ads with unique offers and a predetermined target audience



eg: hot links to other sections, or pages on a site, links to view content or “sign up!”


There’s a meaning behind every click. I’m sure Freud would agree. Every time someone makes the conscious decision to click on a piece of content (whether it’s a status update, or a play button on a video), they are telling you something about themselves – giving you a window into their psyche.


Yes, every click says at least one of these statements about the ‘clicker’:


  • I’m intrigued… do tell
  • You’ve got my attention, tell me more
  • Before I take your word, I want to see this with my own eyes
  • I want to interact, or make a connection
  • I’m your audience – you found me!
  • Give me something to get excited about and share
  • I want to know what all this buzz is about


When you invite people to click on content, a video player, a link to your site etc., you need to tap into the psyche of the click. Why would they click on this link? Will they be intrigued? Will it command their attention? Will it help them connect or interact with you and/or your product? That’s the first step; your content will need to take it from there!

Listen to what clicks tell you about the person behind them. Their brains told them to click… and it wasn’t just a mommy-issue. Craft content and messages that will make people ask questions, and connect with you while seeking answers.


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