The Elevator Pitch 2.0

A few years ago – there was a lot of buzz around ‘The Elevator Pitch’. People were making fortunes selling books about creating the “most effective Elevator Pitch”, people were getting paid big bucks to train companies about “The Secret of the Elevator Pitch”.

The idea was simple. Everything you want to say about your company should fit into the 30 seconds or less you have face-to-face with another person on an elevator (depending on how many floors you were traveling!) There are still countless articles online that guarantee you instant results in “5 easy steps”.

The truth is, it’s still a very popular and successful sales/marketing concept.

Can you sell your company in 60 seconds or less?

Well, the concept is still valid…but times have changed.

We propose that it is about time for the Elevator Pitch 2.0 !

Instead of simply TELLING your company story… SHOW it and SHARE it with way more people than can fit into an elevator!

That’s what an Explanatory/explainer video is… the Elevator Pitch in living colour, images and sound! An illustrated Elevator Pitch that tells your story, shows the unique benefits of your company/product, and uses pictures and words to pack a dramatic punch into less than 90 seconds! Not only that, you won’t have to fumble to remember the main points, or always keep notes handy… your video will be ready to share anytime. On an elevator…sure! But also, on your website, on your smartphone/tablet, on your social networks etc.


Give your Elevator Pitch a much-needed upgrade… Illustrate iT!

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