Start The Presses

Your Custom Explainer video can help you generate some serious media buzz!

Have you been hounding the press, sending releases and pitching stories trying to get some extra PR for your new business or products? You want the world to take notice, but your Press Releases seem to be falling on deaf ears. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle with the press can be extremely frustrating.

Look at it from behind the writers’ desk. You’re a technology feature writer for a local or even national media outlet. The first 50 emails you get every day are people ‘pitching’ you with the next great story or product. They are all in the same format: “Who, What, Where, Why, When and How”. Same structure.

Same length. Same old, same old. Yawn.

They say that the press is often extremely lazy – and these days, they can afford to be. They get stories and news feeds literally handed to them every hour of every day… just pick one and run with it!

In fact, just look at the leading online PR newsfeed PRWEB. They offer users a template for their Press Releases and then send them off into the web-isphere and directly into the inboxes of ‘lazy’ media writers across the globe. So how will you ever break through and become THE story a writer will want to ‘run with’?

Even PRWEB knows THAT answer.

Include video.

A video will make you stand out in a crowded inbox. A video WILL be watched. A video can tell your story FAR better than a simple press release… and it’s passive. The ‘lazy’ media folk will know everything they need to know about your business/product just by hitting ‘play’ and watching a 1 minute animation. Engage and entertain the media and you will be remembered over your competitors.

PRWEB has definitely clued in – recently, they have included a video feature in their Press Release templates so that users can upload and include a video with their story.


If the leading online PR service sees a trend big enough to change their model… maybe we all should take notice!

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