Signs it’s Time to Give Your Website Design a Makeover

blog signs its time to give your website design a makeover

When people look up your business, your website is what makes the first impression on them. If you feel like your website design isn’t that great and you’re wondering if you should make a change, here are a few signs that it’s time to revamp things.


  • Your Website Looks Like it Came from 1998- Have you ever visited a website that look like it was created in the last millennium? If you have, you probably clicked out of there as fast as you could. If this sounds like your website, it’s definitely time to get on board the website design train.


  • Your Purpose Has Changed- As a business owner, you probably can’t believe that your business is what it is today. If you had a website created when you first started out, but your mission, products or services, or branding has changed, it’s a good idea to give your website a makeover.


  • You Just aren’t Getting Results- Is your website absolutely pixel-perfect, but you just aren’t getting results from it? Instead of dealing with this useless piece of web real estate, ditch it and go for a different website design. And to get better results the second time around, you’re going to need to adjust a few things in terms of your calls to action, landing pages, tone, and overall branding.


  • You’re Itching for a Change- One of your competitors just revealed a new website that makes your jaw drop. Even if your website is doing its job, there’s no shame in changing things up simply because you want to go at things from a different angle.
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