Show & Tell

Remember ‘Show and Tell’?

You might have to go back pretty far. There was a beautiful simplicity about the action of ‘showing’ something to a group of people, and ‘Telling’ them why it was significant.

‘Show and Tell doesn’t end once you graduate from grade 6. The very foundation of a great Marketing campaign is ‘showing and telling’. Show us the product; tell us why to buy it. Video is the perfect medium in which to do both ‘show and tell’ very effectively.

It is highly visual, and we all know a picture tells a thousand words. You can show off your product with real images, or with custom illustration/animation/motion graphics. A higher percentage of people would rather SEE the product before they buy it – video provides a great way to demonstrate your business online. But video also offers a way to ‘Tell’ the world about your business. Yes, we are decades removed from silent film… even in the 1930’s people had discovered that pictures needed dialogue to be effective to an audience.

A great script will accompany your illustrations, bringing the content to life! Now is your chance to TELL us about your product, introduce us to your business, and prove why your company has the answer to your customer’s problems!

Every company should be ‘Showing and Telling’… it’s a proven method of marketing that will turn into higher online conversion.

Go back to the basics with an online explanatory video.

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