O Canada – we’re the #1 online video-watching nation in the world!

Canada just celebrated its 147th birthday on July 1st. We’re proud of a number of milestones, breakthroughs, historic events and accolades over that 147-year span. We’re world-leaders in many categories – not just gold medal wins in hockey, and maple syrup production. Did you know, it’s also a fact that Canadians are the #1 consumer of online video in the world?

O Canada indeed! The Canada Digital Future in Focus 2014 report confirms that Canadians watch significantly more online video than even our southern neighbors, the Americans – 1,769 minutes per month, compared to 1,237. The proportion of Canadians using online video, 74 per cent, is also tops among all other countries. And these numbers are increasing at an incredible rate; these figures are almost triple the previous year’s report.

Three in four Canadians polled said they watched online video content in the past month. About two thirds of those people said they watched that video content on YouTube or streamed. It’s not just the quantity that is astounding, but the quality; we’re spending large amounts of time engaging with video content too! On average, Canadians are watching a whopping 29.5 hours of video online every month, compared to 20.6 hours for U.S. watchers.

These are juicy numbers that spell dollar signs for businesses that are targeting their audiences online. Video consumption in this country is tops in the world; these stats prove that you should be reaching out to your Canadian market through video.

Canadians can boast another pretty incredible honor (spelled with a “u”) – Canadians also visit more sites per month on average, than any other internet using country. So we are madcap internet-users, and we love our online videos. That’s something we can all celebrate.

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