Now What?…Share IT

When illustrate iT Video hands over your completed video – what’s next?

You’ve got to share iT of course!

Now that you’ve invested time and money into creating a great marketing tool, you’ve got to make sure that your intended audience has a chance to see it. Here are a few sharing tips and tricks that will help you share your explanatory video with a huge online audience.


  1. Tell the World- Social media and networking is making it easier and easier to reach the masses with the click of a mouse! Use iT to your advantage when promoting your video! Hit your Twitter followers with a quick link and an announcement of new video content on your website. Post an announcement and a link to your Facebook pages, share your video with the world on Youtube & Vimeo! Be proud and loud… get your staff involved! The more people sharing your video and talking about it creates hype and buzz.


  1. Use your website – Your website is the most obvious place to house your demo video, but be smart about its positioning. Do you want it front and centre on the homepage for all to see? Do you need to build a new page around your new video, or is there a section that would be enhanced by the addition of your video? Find the pages that will most benefit from this new tool. If your video explains a certain product or service, be sure it is logically placed to best promote or explain that part of your business. Make sure there are plenty of links from other pages on your site to maximize the viewership!


  1. E mail Blast – reintroduce your clients/customers/leads to your company by announcing your new video via email. This is a great opportunity to reach out to your existing clients and potential customers promoting new products/services along with the announcement of your new video! Send out a release promoting your video, encourage viewership and urge your loyal client base to share your video within their networks.


  1. Opportunity Knocks – Your video can be a stand-alone marketing tool, but it can also be integrated into other campaigns and give your other marketing initiatives a boost. For example, your video would be a great addition to e-newsletters, speaking opportunities, webcasts, presentations or sales proposals. Create a strategy where as many departments can benefit from this creative endeavor. When your sales team needs a quick lead in, or a more engaging way of explaining your company to leads/prospects… use your video. Are you exhibiting at a trade show… integrate your video into your presentations or booth display. Your campaigns will be more successful with the creative synergy of your marketing tools.
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