New Video Features Keep Myspace In The Top 10

How big is Myspace?

25 million current users

The 100 millionth account was created in 2006

Once valued at $12 Billion



MySpace was one of the founding fathers of social networking, but it is perhaps the best example of the volatility of social media sites; The Myspace rise and fall is truly epic. From 2005 until early 2008, Myspace was the most visited social networking site in the world, and in June 2006 it even surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. But then, in 2008, Facebook took over first spot and never looked back. Myspace had tunnel vision. It has always been targeted at teens and young adult audiences primarily interested in entertainment and music, whereas Facebook and Twitter continually launched new features to expand the demographic for a more inclusive social-networking experience.


Video and WordPress:

If you haven’t visited Myspace in a while, you might want to check in and see what Justin Timberlake and his team have been up to. Myspace got a major facelift upon acquisition, and the new features might surprise you, perhaps most notably the video, sharing and tracking capabilities.

Uploading videos – like most other social network sites, Myspace allows you to upload videos directly from your computer files, or embed the code and/or URL from other sites like a blog, or Youtube. Myspace also lets you tag your video content and create searchable titles and descriptions, much like Youtube. This is a fantastic SEO tactic, remember, Google loves video.

Recording videos – They say you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Myspace still caters a lot of its features towards budding artists building their following online. Still, the ‘recording’ feature is pretty cool! It allows users to record videos up to 20 minutes long using a webcam and instantly posts the content onto their profile/artist page, visible privately to fans or made completely public.

Video Stats –Many people wondered how Myspace could possibly distinguish itself from the other social media giants. In the opinion of this blogger, the Stats tracker on Myspace is by far the standout feature of this site. Not only can you track the success of your content (views, fans, video plays, shared etc.), Myspace tracks the performance of your content across your other social media accounts! That’s right- use Myspace Stats to monitor your video plays and shares across Facebook and Twitter too!

Maybe Myspace was your first love. Maybe you broke up after Facebook took over your life. But it may not be too late to rekindle the love you once had. One thing is for certain; Myspace is too stubborn to fade away without putting up a fight.


The latest video features are definitely worth a second look.

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