Have you seen the movie ‘Moneyball’?

It’s the story of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful bid to put together a baseball team on a budget by using in-depth analysis to draft his players.

It also stars Brad Pitt… but that’s beside the point.

The bigger point is that this guy went out on a limb and used smarts and savvy instead of dollars and cents to succeed.

Sometimes the team with the most money, or homeruns, or ‘star players’ doesn’t win.

The moral of his story is you can be just as successful by using your money smartly, and playing to your strengths.

There are a lot of things your business has to spend money on, but keep in mind, the team with the biggest salary doesn’t always win. You don’t necessarily need to spend all your money on big, flashy expenses that you think you NEED to have.

You could pour money into big events, or an expensive location – but the team with the most homeruns doesn’t always win. Billy Beane swears that ‘on base percentage’ is more important than home runs. Just get yourself on base, and good things will happen. How do you get on base? Don’t be afraid to be different and exercise creativity with your business. Do something new, unexpected even. Analyze where to spend your money, and where it will be the most effective. Is your market mostly online?

Then maybe print advertising isn’t your best advertising direction. How can you tell a new audience about your product or service? A video might be a great bang for your buck! Find new and innovative ways to spend your money – you don’t have to play moneyball just because the ‘big guys’ are doing it.

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