Making Videos That Are Timeless

There are cathedrals across Europe that are over 600 years old and still standing. There are monuments built pre-civilization that have remained in mint condition for thousands of years! Do you ever wonder… what have I built to last?


Our world is created to be very temporary; business can turn on a dime, adaptable to any change. Your website, for instance, has probably been recreated and refreshed every year since it was built…right?


That’s business. If you aren’t adapting, you’re going to be left behind. But you can certainly do a few things now that will last longer than a single season.


Looking for a lasting impression, or a marketing tactic that stretches the dollar further? Animated Explainer video is created with that in mind. A video posted online is always searchable. Put it onto your website to catch all visitors – but don’t forget that social media and Youtube is another great way to make the impact of your video last longer! Post your video to Youtube among other video/social media sharing sites and watch the rewards grow exponentially day, after week, after month… after a year!


The expiry date on videos is virtually infinite. There isn’t one. Once you post your videos, they will continue to work for you, generating leads and connecting with search and keywords for as long as the internet exists! Videos can be timeless if the message and the animation is built to last. For example, the problem and pain points will always be relevant. The solution may change over the years and with the advance of new technologies, but the problem that necessitates the solution will always be identifiable. Saving money, saving time, saving resources, being more productive, and finding the right partner… all timeless issues for business.


That’s not to say you shouldn’t make new videos as your business transforms. But isn’t it great to know that the videos you make TODAY will continue to be effective longer than a single campaign cycle? Put down some solid marketing foundations and outlast your competition.

Who knows, maybe in 500 years you’ll still be getting views and qualified leads from your videos!

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