Look Out..Here Comes VIDEO!

Twitter, Linkedin and now… Wikipedia!

Investment in online video is undoubtedly the theme of the month! First Twitter announced a acquisition of a video-sharing start-up with plans to develop an in-house video sharing integration. Next, Linkedin made some major design changes and added a video feature to their Linkedin ads platform. Did you think we would have to wait almost an entire week before hearing about another Internet GIANT getting serious about video? This week, it’s Wikipedias turn to proudly declare a brand new video app that supports HTML5 video content for posts on the database. Soon users will have the ability to upload videos to compliment the information provided in wiki-articles seen by over 500 million viewers every month. Users will now be able to contribute to the collaborative encyclopedia using video. It makes complete sense. Video is being used all across the Internet to educate, draw attention to causes, spread news events and bring life toevery topic under the sun! Sometimes you have to see to believe, and Wikipedia is well aware of that. This update has been a long time coming – Wikipedia has been planning this marriage of information and video for over 4 years! Partnering with TimeMediaHandler was the final piece in the puzzle, the application supports live editing, audio, video, closed captioning and flexible upload capabilities across mobile devices/tablets. Your Explanatory video just doubled in value. Not only will you be able to use your video for promotional or marketing initiatives (shared on Twitter, Facebook or used as an ad on Linkedin)– it will get HUGE exposure on a site like Wikipedia as an educational or topical video. Upload your video to an existing post on Wikipedia, or create your own page in the Wikipedia commons and use your video for legitimacy helping you reach an online audience in search of information. The Internet provides infinite opportunity for you to reach your target audience using video – add half a billion more eyes per month to that total after this latest Wikipedia announcement.

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