Live Shoot vs. Custom Animation: Which One Should You Go With?

blog live shoot vs custom animation which one should you go with

The live action versus custom animation debate – it’s one many business owners have to deal with when they decide that they want to add a video into their marketing efforts. Although live action and custom animation both have their perks, it’s important that you consider what the better fit for your business is before making a final decision.


What’s Your Message?

Whether you decide to use custom animation or a live action video depends on the message you’re trying to get across. For example, if you were selling pants, you might want to create a live action video showing how good people look in them. However, if you’re selling an app that people who aren’t tech-savvy might have a hard time with, an animated video can help you explain how it works to make it less intimidating.


How Much Action is Involved?

If you want your video to involve a lot of people performing complicated motions, it’s probably easier to go with a live action video. However, animating the scene is probably better if you want to keep things simple and to the point.


Can You Find a Good Live Action Actor?

One of the challenges of live action video is that you have to find an actor who can appeal to many different people. If you can find one, great. If not, it may be best to stick with custom animation. This is where your budget also comes into play, since hiring live actors, depending on your video, can be more expensive than sticking with animation.

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