LinkedIN Has A Crush On VIDEO..Do You?

Earlier this month, Linkedin announced that along with changes to company profile pages, the social network would be rolling out global video advertising. This new feature gives brands the ability to upload 30-second videos to be shown as ads to the community of over 175 million. Video ads will compete for impressions the same way that text and image ads do, and will be managed in the same self-serve Linkedin Ads campaign interface.

Intriguing concept… especially for those of us who have been tooting the ‘marketing video’ horn for years.

How will it work?

Linkedin’s Online Marketing Manager explains:

“When a LinkedIn member is engaged and clicks on your video ad, the video will take over the entire 300×250 ad unit and play a 30 second video. After the video completes, users will still be able to click through to your landing page or visit your website, just like with current ads.”

Users will be given the option to upload a new video, or select from their Youtube video account.

The question is, will this new feature help brands catch your attention? The marketing decision-makers at Linkedin think it will.

A few weeks ago, we told you about the deal Twitter made with Vine, taking steps towards in-house video sharing functionality. Now, Linkedin is turning its attention to video and making waves by including it as a large part of their advertising strategy.

The investment of these social media giants in online video is eye opening… marketing videos aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. There will be infinite opportunity to use your online videos to generate leads; distribute them on Facebook, post them to Youtube, feature them on your website, use them as part of an e-mail marketing campaign, and now… make them into interactive ads on Linkedin.

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