LinkedIn: Facebook in a Suit and Tie

How Big?

Over 200 Million users/members

Growing at approx. 2 new members per second

2.6 million company pages


The PEW Internet research survey shows that Linkedin members’ age of majority is 35-44 (26%) followed by 45-54 year olds (22%). An older demographic, but that’s exactly how Linkedin likes it. Their site connects educated, working, experienced professionals with information, brands, thought linkedin-profile leadership and professional networking opportunities. The industries that are represented the most on Linkedin are IT, Financial services, Higher Education and Computer Software.


Video and Linkedin

  • Create a Brand Personality – People find your business using Linkedin – Google favours it when you search for a company by name. Traffic will be sent to your brand page (if you’ve got one!)… So, what does your page SAY about your company? If you are only using the brief summary section with a link to your website… you are missing the point. This is a page that sells your brand personality and identity! Use your video to tell the story of your company, and get people excited to work with you!


  • Products/Services Promotion – Linkedin introduced a Products/Services section for company pages that gives you a chance to list/index your products and services on your page. It also gives you the opportunity to post promotions, like mini-ads on the right side of the page. You now also have the option to include a video! Linkedin is giving you free ad space… use your video to engage with potential customers who are already perusing your products/services!


  • Video Ads – a recent survey revealed that 60% of Linkedin members have clicked on an ad while using the site. That’s impressive… pick your jaw up off the floor now. Linkedin was also one of the first social networking sites to introduce the option of video ads for advertisers. If you weren’t already advertising on Linkedin, now might be a good time to jump on board and use your video to attract new leads. Set a budget, zero in on your target market, and let your video do the talking.

Linkedin is the “Network for Professionals” – the place where you build your personal brand for the world to see (you’ll be hard pressed to find an incriminating picture of weekend activities anywhere on the site). Linkedin has undergone quite a few changes since it’s launch 10 years ago, and it seems that with every new version the people at Linkedin introduce new opportunities to strategically integrate video. Linkedin has recognized that people and brands want to use video for promotion and marketing, for identity, for engagement, to exchange information, and for measurable conversion results. It’s not about sharing the latest “cat chases dog into a tree’ Youtube video clip. Linkedin encourages you to use video to boost your online “brand personality”. How will your business stand out from the 2.6 million OTHER brands on Linkedin? A custom video allows you to show off your unique brand personality… That’s exactly what Linkedin is for.

*Next in our series ‘The Social Saga’: Pinterest… the online vision board.

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