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What we are really here to talk about is ‘Like’ it forward! ‘Like’ it forward is ‘Like’ pay it forward…except all you have to do is hit the ‘Like’ button on a participating company/organization/individuals’s Facebook fan page who are giving something back to a community of their choice and spread the love and awareness for a non-profit, charity, etc. This will create awareness in many ways, and as you know it will spread exponentially. A company sets a goal of how many ‘Like’s they want and when the goal is reached they spread the ‘Like’ elsewhere! It’s just that simple….


Here’s what we’re doing…


You: What’s ‘Like’ it forward?

Me: It’s a charity event launched by Illustrate iT Inc.

You: Tell me more…

Me: I thought you’d never ask:) breathe..’Like’ it forward is a lil charity event involving..yes you guessed it the ‘Like’ button. Simply follow the link we provided below and click ‘Like’ on our fan page…once we hit 10,000 ‘Like’ s we will donate a video valued at $16000.00 to a charity.

You: Cool… What charity?

Me: We will be selecting 3 charities we adore and feel passionate about and post a poll, then you will get to vote on which 1 of the 3 will be the winner!

You: I want in..I want in…

Me: Great! Follow this link: http://on.fb.me/gOwV6N click ‘Like’…there, you have helped someone in need!!

You: I ‘Like’ it!

Me: Of course you do, and thanks for helping out!


Check out this lil teaser video that explains this movement our way…Enjoy!


[insert video link]

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