It’s a Small World..After All.

It’s a Small World…After All.


You could say that we are a tech-forward bunch. Not only do we love using new technology…We have to be flexible to serve our clients from anywhere, at any time. We have clients in different time zones, different countries, with totally diverse schedules and time requirements. How can we possibly keep up, and keep everyone happy?


Technology is helping us cope, and even thrive, despite a worldwide client-base! We can Skype with our clients, we can set up GoTo Meetings, manage and share files via Dropbox, give access to production sketches/drafts/timelines/tasks with BasecampHQ and clients can review their first pass video and make time-coded comments with Wistia. It is productivity at its best! What a wonderful world technology has created… Quite simply, technology is the reason our turn-around can be so fast and efficient. Our team members can work together, even if they don’t share desk-space. Our clients have on-demand access to working files and can make quick suggestions and edits in real-time. “Long distance” is no longer an issue. Time zones won’t hold us up. You work in the Galapagos? No problem. Your video will still be completed just as efficiently as any other client. Need to take the Kick Off call between meetings, or at lunch? Done. Want to look over your storyboards this weekend? Log in and take a look anytime. The entire creative process from ‘Kick off’ to ‘Sign off’ is designed to be completely visible, interactive and communicative. Let’s get started, we’re ready when you are!

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