How Video Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

blog how video can boost your social media presence


Having a social media presence is increasingly important for organizations to be relevant and recognized online. However, it can be challenging to create a social media presence for your brand that stands out. Using online video can help boost your social media presence and reinforce your organization’s brand online. Here are a few of the ways video helps online promotion of your brand:

    • Video Popularity is Growing: With the amount of content available online every day, it is important to make your organization stand out. Video supports company branding, but it is also a type of media people enjoy. In fact, 43% of people claim that they want to see MORE video from organizations about products and services. Online video is a great way to highlight features of your organization and stand out from the competition.


    • Video is Shareable: On social media, it is extremely valuable when people share your content with their friends and family. Video is a very shareable medium. People like to share video more than text-based or image-based content.



The popularity, shares, and research that video content drives is a powerful tool to set your company apart from others. Contact us at Illustrate It today to find out more about how we can help with your next video campaign!


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