How to Find Your Voice

Choosing a voice-over artist to narrate your online video may seem like a simple task… but it’s kind of a big deal. In the grand scheme of the finished product, the ‘voice’ is what speaks directly to your potential customers about your business/product. Do you want just anyone taking on that responsibility?

Here at Illustrate iT we’ve hired only the very best, and uber professional voices in the biz… but it’s totally up to YOU to make the decision of who will be RIGHT for your project.

It’s a big decision, but we don’t make you do it alone! Here are a few tips to help you find your voice…


Know your audience.

This is probably the MOST important element when selecting your voice over artist. Is your audience predominantly male or female? Is it an older or a younger crowd? Know your demographic and think about what would appeal to the majority.


Hold auditions.

Illustrate iT has a wide variety of voices for you to choose from, we will send you a reel of their previous work, and some samples of each artist reading from your script to help you make a decision. Listen to the voices carefully – take note of their unique tones, inflections, and phrasing. If there are elements in their performance that particularly ‘grab’ you, be sure to make them aware so they can incorporate those same elements into their final take.


Get opinions.

When choosing a voice, it is VERY important to get plenty of opinions so let a diverse group of people hear each voice and help you make a judgment call. It’s a good idea to make sure that a good sampling of colleagues/friends/family feels just as strongly about your final choice. This will help you determine what a diverse audience (your customers) will feel about the voice of your video.

Match your script.

Get someone who fits the intention and tone of your script. If you’re running with an edgy, cutting edge script – the voice needs to breathe that life and energy into the words. If you’ve taken a more professional, educational route, go with a more authoritative voice to breathe authenticity into what you’re trying to convey.

The voice-over can make or break the entire tone of the video… so choose wisely!

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