How Long Should Video Advertising Spots Last?

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If you have ever paid attention to advertisements on television, you may have noticed that there are often two or more versions of the same advertisement. Some are an abbreviated version of a lengthier main ad. Marketing campaigns take into consideration the time of day and where the ad is being shown to decide which length works the best. That same philosophy goes into determining any video advertising, whether it is for television, your website, social media, or a third-party video site.

How long your video should be is determined by a variety of other factors as well. While the “short but sweet” philosophy makes sense for many applications, sometimes a longer video is necessary. There are also situations when an ultra-short video is ideal, such as a pre-roll advertising appetizer – a teaser about an upcoming product, for example. A how-to video is likely going to need to be longer, and that is okay because the viewer is watching because they want to learn how to do something, and they’re not as likely to lose interest after a minute or two.

As with written marketing, particularly blogs, consider the content more than the length. Eliminate fluff that does nothing for meeting your goal and keep the content in line with your audience. It isn’t just the video advertising product you should concern yourself with, but the process itself. Take the time needed for the discovery process, so you have a roadmap to follow. Develop the video and test the various styles you come up with. Using a test audience can prove helpful here.

If you are ready to start a video advertising campaign and need some advice about content, type, and also length, you’ll find the help you need by talking with our professionals at Illustrate It. We produce a wide variety of videos, including demo, animated, explainer, promo, motion graphic, and television commercials. Whether you need a quick 6-second teaser, 30-second video, or something longer, you can count on us to deliver high quality with a quick turnaround.

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