How Brief Is a Brief?

The first thing we ask our clients to provide is a ‘Brief’ – a description of the company, the product, the service and what they hope to accomplish with their custom video. Before we can put the pen to paper, or get the creative wheel turning, we need to know a little something about YOU.

We give you a list of questions that will help us gather key pieces of information about your business. Questions like “who are your competitors?” “what are your unique qualities” “who is your target audience” “what do you want your customers to know about you?”. These are questions only YOU can answer, and the way you answer them will help our team hit their marks when creating your video!

It’s crucial to spend time on the Brief. We’ve had clients give two word answers and elaborate during the Kick Off call, and we’ve had customers write mini-novels and simply summarize during Kick off.

So how brief should a Brief be? Tell us everything you think is necessary to bring us up to speed on your business – it will result in a video that is well informed and on target from the start. But keep in mind, your video will be roughly 1-3 minutes in length. Our writers will truncate your message into a short, clear and condensed script to keep the viewer’s attention.

The Brief is not your only chance to communicate with our team. You’ll also have the chance to add to the information you provide in the Brief during the Kick off call. The script writers will be on the call, and will ask even more questions to come up with your core message.

‘Brief’ is in the eye of the beholder. Communicate a clear message to us, and we’ll do the rest.

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