Hit 2013 With a Brand NEW Buzz Around Your Biz!

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in the same ruts, year after year?

Perhaps, you realize you send the same Christmas cards every year, or you have bought the same tie for your uncle, the same socks for your father and ended up buying a giftcard at the last minute for your sister… just like last year.

What about in business… did you end 2012 the same way you ended 2011? Did you take any risks? Did you try something new? Did you yield better results, or did you flat line…just like last year?

You are about to welcome a brand new year (that is, after we all survive the predicted 2012 doom of humankind), giving you a chance to throw out the tired, over-used, under-performing plays in your business handbook. Take your competitors by surprise; distinguish yourself as a leader, an expert, an educator and an innovator using online video.

Here are a few friendly, and totally ‘on-the-house’ tips on how you can use explainer videos in 2013:

Sales collateral: Give your sales team an extra tool for their sales-kit! Instead of sending the same-old brochures, whitepapers and case studies you used in 2012, send potential customers a cool explainer video that says everything about your company in u2 minutes or less. Make your elevator pitch go further…

Teasers: Launching a new product or service? A video can act as a perfect teaser, or place-holder on your site! Many of our clients will ask us to make a video before their product or service is ready, and use it on their site as an interactive way to announce a launch date and generate some viral buzz before they have even hit the market!

Brand Development: Maybe THIS is the year you refresh your branding and marketing communications to stand out from your competitors. Say something new with your brand, communicate the spirit of your company to your customers… do it with video. We will customize a video with the right illustration, design, and content that will help you elevate your brand to the next level and connect with your target market.

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