Hey Shorty! Whatcha Saying?

We’ve all sat through epic films with run times well over 2, 3, or even more hours (far more than the size of a regular bladder!). We can all expect to be seated for 90-120 minutes on average when we walk into a theatre.picture worth a thousand 1000 words linchi kwok blog.

So, when we suggest that you make a ‘short film’ or Explainer video… How much time do you have to share your message?

You may have enough content to film an epic, but the trick to making an effective Explainer video is brevity. Your online audience has the attention span of a toddler in an amusement park… that means your sweet spot is 2 minutes or less!

That looks like even less when it hits the page. 2 minutes (or less!) of run time equates to about 300 words; that’s less than a page of text. We’ve seen enough jaws hit the floor when a script looks too short to make into a film. You’ve now been warned. But don’t dismay. Our writers are trained to gather the information you give us during your brief, and craft a story that will tell your message using less than a page of text. Remember, a story isn’t simply told in words. We use illustration to fill the page and complete your story on film. With your input, a few tweaks and rounds of simple edits, the words on the page will turn into a short film that isn’t lacking. Watch a few videos from our portfolio, listen to how much speaking there actually is – it’s not a lot. But the message is clear – remember that a picture is worth a thousand words! A short film CAN be EPIC! Who says the bigger the better?

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