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blog help customers get to know you with video advertising

Have you ever watched a football or basketball game on TV and realized that the same advertisement for beer or snack foods or a hardware store has been played two, three or maybe even four or more times during the breaks? It isn’t because the network had trouble finding enough advertisers to fill the time slots. It is because of a principle called familiarity. This bombardment is intentional, so you’ll remember their brand above all others. It becomes familiar to you.

You can use a similar philosophy when doing your video advertising. Gear your strategies to help your customers truly get to know you. You do not need to do it by burying your customers with constant videos, but instead by making those videos meaningful and personal. When your audience feels like they connect with you, they will then look forward to your video advertising.

Every business is different, so there isn’t a specific method for accomplishing this type of video advertising. For some companies, humour is effective. Think about those funny toilet paper advertisements and how they use humour to broach an otherwise uncomfortable topic. Another possibility is to use emotions rather than reason in your video advertising. Help your customer recognize the ways they will feel good by using your product or service. Use a positive association in your video advertising while showing rather than selling, and you’ll master that familiarity principle and end up with video advertising that is quite effective.

At Illustrate It, we take the time to develop a plan for your video advertising that creates the compelling message that will get your audience to feel like they really know you. We offer a wide variety of video styles, including animated, demo, explainer, promo, motion graphic, and more. Whether you need one video for a specific purpose or an entire campaign, we will deliver it to you professionally and in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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