Going Three Rounds With…

Illustrate iT we have a colourful team working hard behind the scenes to create individual video visions for every client. We don’t want our talented crew to stay ‘behind the scenes’; we want them to have the spotlight one by one. So starting this week, we will begin to reveal the artists behind the art – introducing a blog exclusive: “3 Rounds with …”

This week, we are going ‘3 Rounds with Ryan’. Let’s hope the fame doesn’t go to his head!

Round 1: General Q’s.


Ryan @aryanyouknow McDonald (weird middle name I know)

Position at IllustrateIT:

Scriptwriter/Advisory Board member (please confirm with Wayne and Eric).


Time spent at Illustrate IT (years, months):

I joined Illustrate iT just weeks after inception. So, in the big picture you could pretty much say since the beginning (please confirm I can say that).


Round 2: On the Job

Tell us a little bit about your role – what does a typical day (project) look like?

At Illustrate iT, I meet with clients to learn about the objective of their video, I propose script ideas, collaborate with team members, and fetch coffee all day; but I work from home and the coffee’s for me, so it’s all good.


What are the Top 3 things you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy the freedom of working from home, and I also enjoy visiting the Illustrate iT headquarters once in a while… I guess that counts as two things.


The other thing I enjoy most about my job are the payoff moments; like when a client gets excited about an idea we pitch, or when we get a positive review about a video we created.


What would you say your Top 3 skills are?

My top 2 skills as a writer would be that I try to explore many different approaches before choosing one, and I’m open to other’s perspectives. A newly discovered skill I have unrelated to writing is ‘tie psychology’. I can basically read your sister’s diary based on the ties you wear.


Round 3: Going Deeper

What was the first animated film you ever watched and what was your reaction?

One of the first animated films I remember watching as a kid was An American Tail. If it hadn’t been for that movie, a Google search for “American Tail” would’ve come up completely different.

Who are your Top 3 inspirations/role models?

This is a tough question – Conan O’Brien, Jeff Tweedy, Bill Murray.

What would you do if you won the $60 million lottery tomorrow?

If you’re trying to make me say I’d quit my job as a test of loyalty, forget about it, no way.

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