Forget The Cowbell, We Gotta Have More Video!

We’ve started to notice that a large part of our business is repeat customers and video projects purchased ‘in bulk’. If you take a look at our portfolio or
Youtube channel, you’ll notice that many of the videos we produce are for the same companies – these are customers who have returned to us for more video, or who have come to us asking for more than one video at a time.


So, what keeps bringing the companies back for more animated video?


ell, we’d like to think it’s the winning personalities on our uber talented team. That may be part of the reason, but we decided to dig even deeper, and asked clients why they can’t get enough video.


Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • I want to turn my blog into a video-series
  • I’m going to create a video for every product I sell, and every service that I offer
  • I want videos for an upcoming promotion, event or conference
  • I want my videos to become my brand identity
  • Video is out-performing all of my other online marketing tactics
  • I need more content to drive traffic and increase engagement on social media and Youtube
  • I want to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from my competitors
  • Clicks are through the roof! My site analytics tell me the more video, the better!
  • I want to run a video ad campaign on Google, Linkedin, Facebook etc.


blog forget the cowbell we gotta have more video


In the past, before video was so popular, most people want to start with one video, but we are now seeing the trend of people coming back for seconds, thirds and beyond. It’s a no-brainer. Video is such a powerful and effective marketing tool, the results will speak for themselves.


ROI for video is faster than many other online marketing tactics. Where you are often warned that ‘you won’t see results until your third month, or even until year two”, video results are much easier to measure/track, and kick in much faster. More traffic, better engagement, higher search engine ranking and ultimately more quality conversions.

We have the team, we have the fancy equipment, we have the winning personality – we are video making machines! So, how many videos do YOU want?

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