First Came Infographics, Then Motion Graphic Videos Kicked Them Up a Notch!

blog first came infographics then motion graphic videos kicked them up a notch

Infographics are a visual way of getting information out there. They are perfect for sharing statistics, how-to steps, lists, and just about anything else you can think of. Human beings are visual creatures, so this type of information sharing is better than a regular written document. To take that even further, motion graphic videos add a level of entertainment and connection. You can educate by watching a story unfold that, when done correctly, compels them to watch to the very end.

There are two main things that make motion graphic videos a wise addition to your marketing strategy. First of all, they can be paused, and the viewer can make screenshots of those areas that they find pertinent to them. Second, they can be shared. And when they get shared a lot, they “go viral”!

Motion graphic videos can be used for a number of different purposes, such as sharing statistics, explaining how to use one of your products, or showing how you make a product. Using motion graphic videos to share about your company helps your customers feel connected, which can enhance loyalty. The key is to consider topics that are something the public would like to see, so they are more inclined to share it.

At Illustrate It, we have the imagination and passion to help with ideas for motion graphic videos that match your business, your goals, and your expectations. Whether that is a recipe using one of your products, a history of your company, a promotion you are running, or one of a million other ideas, we’ll help you to succeed. Contact us for all your video production needs, including animated videos, explainer videos, demo videos, promo videos, and television commercials.

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