Falling Madly in Love with Your Video Script

Like the beginning of every great relationship – nervous, unsure, confusing, butterflies. That’s often the way people feel when they see their animated video script for the first time. Before you can fall in love with your script, the early stages of the romance can often be shaky and indecisive. Do I love it? Do I love it not?


When you get your script and read it for the first time, here are a few tips we give to our clients:


Read it out loud

This is a script- not an essay, an article or a novel. It is meant to be heard, not seen. So it is difficult to assess the awesome-ness of your script without listening to it. Be your own voice-over artist and read your script out loud. Get others involved! Have a colleague or a friend read the script out loud to you. Listen to it. Don’t just read it. The most effective scripts are conversational, and tell the story with a very simple, logical flow. When you read it out loud, you might be able to identify areas where you think you could insert some humour, or get rid of sentences that would be better served with an animation. Think about the story arc. Problem –Solution.


Now, how does it sound?


Let it simmer

Don’t make a snap judgment on your script after your first read. We suggest that you read it a few times, and then walk away. Let it marinate in your mind for a couple of hours, or even days. When you come back to it, a funny thing tends to happen. Like magic, it will start to sound different after you’ve let the words sink in for a while. You’ll either find that you love it even more, or that you have a better idea of what needs to be changed in round 1 edits.


Think BIG picture

Remember, the script is one small part of the BIGGER picture. The words are important, but you must also keep in mind that the animators will bring those words to life in the video animation stage. Sometimes, the script will not include information that can be portrayed better as a graphic. That’s totally on purpose! For example, your animator may use a chart or graphic to show that your product yields a 400% increase in productivity. There are times where the animation needs to tell the story, and the script almost becomes supplementary. A picture tells a thousand words… which is good, because a 90 second script can only tell about 240 words!

You don’t have to be head over heels with your script right away, that’s why we build time into the project for a few rounds of edits. Whatever it takes, you’ll end up with a script that you LOVE.

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