Fact or Fiction: Video Is The Only SEO You Need

Hate to be the one to break it to you, but animated explainer video content alone will not make your traffic skyrocket, propel you to the top of Google and give you insane conversion rates instantly. If it worked that way, we’d all be triple-ka-billionaires because we finally figured out the magic Google sauce. That’s just not how Google works. Especially after the most recent Penguin algorithmic update –now, content trumps all.


Video content is still a HUGE factor, and Google still loves sites that use it. But you have to combine textual elements that support your use of video. You cannot simply make video your feature element, and forget about the rest of your content. Text + video is a winning combo – and there are a few ways to create this beautiful synergy.


Here are some of our tips:


Summary/Descriptions: Include a summary, or description of your video as an introduction to your audience. Google has said that a good rule of thumb is to have approximately 300 words on a page, the first 50-100 being the most important. So come up with a 50-100 word (at the very least!) description of the video, and include your keywords.


Blog: Google still sends their spiders to your site, virtually in real time. So, new, fresh content is still a great way to amp up your site authority. Include video in your frequently updated content, and Google will reward you handsomely.

Youtube: Don’t forget to roll out a video strategy on Youtube too! The title of your video should include targeted keywords, and your description should also support your keyword strategy. Title iT, describe iT and tag iT.


Transcribe: It may be on the horizon, but as of yet, Google has not figured out a way to spider spoken word for keywords. Using a ton of keywords IN your video will not help you rank on Google. Think about your audience first, but don’t forget about Google. You’ve got to give it something to crawl, so you’ll get the credit! A good way to do this is to transcribe your video. We make iT very simple by providing you with your script.

Video is an ingredient in the Google secret sauce, but you should mix in some SEO content best practices to get the best results!

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