Explainer Videos Deliver the One-Two Punch!

How are your peers using the Explainer video? Many of our clients are using their videos to augment their current sales and marketing strategies, or even replacing old strategies with a shiny new video… why? Because it works far more effectively! Let’s compare a 90 second Explainer video with other effective methods of promoting your business: Powerpoint slides, Whitepapers and Sales Pitches…

…VS Powerpoint: Slides have been getting it done for years. Powerpoint decks have not only become a primary tool for sales and marketing teams, they have also developed into a professional art form. You know what we mean. Slides are like elaborate mini-storyboards with graphic titles, tables and graphs, pictures, screenshots and strategic placement of relevant content. Remember, Powerpoint was not created for this purpose. Powerpoint slides are meant to accompany a presentation; therefore the information loses some effectiveness without verbal explanation. Also, most presentations are created to fit a standard time of between 15 minutes to an hour so presentation decks can be long, and often crammed with complex charts, comparisons, and data that can require further explanation.

…VS Whitepapers: By definition, whitepapers are reports or guides that help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Whitepapers have been commonly used as a form of B2B marketing in order to demonstrate authority in a certain topic area or industry. Whitepapers are usually highly technical and written to appeal to a very specific target audience. Whitepapers are not salesy, conversational or… fun. They do not appeal to a mass audience, in large part because they tend to require focused attention over a longer period of time. That’s a nice way of saying they are long and detailed (more than just a light read with your coffee).

…VS Sales pitches: It would be amazing if you sales team could ‘pitch’ your service or product to everyone who has ever come to your site. The reality is, they will likely only talk to a small percentage of potential customers cruising your site. You need your site to capture the audience your sales team cannot. Consider your video an online extension of your sales and marketing teams. It may get 90 seconds further than your sales team ever will!

An explanatory video combines visuals, with a story (your story), music and sound effects to explain the value of your business in 2 minutes or less! If we gave you the choice to spend half an hour reading a whitepaper, or get the same information by watching a 2-minute video… how long would it take you to decide?

Think of your audience.

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