CEOs Watch Online VIDEOS too!

75% of Executives told Forbes that they watch work-related videos at least once per week.


Do you know what that means? It’s proof that once you become an executive, you don’t just shed your decision-making habits. Executives CEOs are still reachable. At times there is a perception that you need to sell to the lowest common denominator and hope that they bring your pitch up in the Monday morning meeting. Most marketing is targeted towards the bottom of the pyramid (because it’s an easier net to cast), in hopes that somehow the big cheese will get wind of it.


Why aren’t you marketing to the President/CEO/CFO/VP if they are still the ones with the main decision making power? The invisible wall between your marketing efforts and their eyes does not exist. The intent is the great equalizer. We do not still live in a world where every memo needs to go through a secretary before it gets to the corner office.


Video can help you shatter that illusion and speak directly with an executive audience. Here’s a mind-blowing fact: CEOs use the Internet too.


To be clear, most VPs, Presidents and CEOs aren’t passing around the latest cute cat meme or spending hours on Youtube learning the words to Gangnam Style. Know your audience. Forbes says that 50% of CEOs watch “work-related” videos on Youtube at least once a week. They are looking to catch on to new ideas that will add value to their business. They are searching for inspiration, knowledge, partnerships, information and value-drivers.


Perhaps the most interesting number is 65%. That’s the percentage of CEOs who visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video. You have just broken through ‘the wall’ of engagement. The primary decision maker watches videos, and engages with the information. You don’t need their secretary to book you a meeting; you’ve already gotten through the door.

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