Branding 101: How to Get Your Brand’s Story Right

blog branding 101 how to get your brands story right

Today, you encounter thousands of brands on a daily basis, which is why it can be so hard to make yours stand out. Instead of being intimidated by the prospect of competing for customer attention, you may think that you just need to come up with a good message. However, as branding methods have changed and developed, it’s more important than ever that you’ve got a great story to tell.

The Basics

One of your fondest childhood memories may be reading books and getting lost in a story. Additionally, storytelling is an integral part of the human experience, which is why it’s such a powerful branding tool. However, many brands just can’t seem to get it right.

To tell a great story, you need to remember that it doesn’t start with your product and its benefits. Rather, it all begins with the consumer, their needs, their aspirations, and their emotions. Telling a story that people can relate with can make your brand more memorable and personal.

Good branding stories also have to have three main components: a strong plot foundation, a conflict, and a resolution. However your story turns out in the end is entirely based on the direction you want to take your brand.

Discovering Your Story

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that a compelling branding story usually features a protagonist with the product or service helping them reach their objectives. At Illustrate It, we’re here to help you determine what your story is, and help the rest of the world discover what it’s all about.


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