Bloggers Vote Video as “Most Shareable Content”

How Big?

Approx. 50 million visits per month

Purchased (as Blogspot) by Google in 2003 – not a small merger.


Demographics: The blogging community ranges in age from 15-100 (your grandmother has a blog, so does your little sister, right?), but the largest and most active demographic is the 18-35 year olds. These are the people who have grown up during the blogging “revolution”, which started roughly ten years ago. In fact, 21-35 year olds account for almost half of the entire blogging community.

Blogger and Video

The Blogger (Blogspot) platform is making it VERY easy to include videos into your posts. You can add a video directly from your computer files, or share it from Youtube. The entire Google line of products is interconnected, so with a Blogger and a Youtube account – you can share content between the two platforms very simply. Once you are signed in, when you click ‘share’ on a Youtube video, the content will be automatically fed and published on your blog. It’s a social media sharing loop that starts with uploading great content via video.

Blogging is a key element in boosting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Frequently updated and unique content is favoured by Google and adds ‘value’ to your site ranking. Your blog should churn out regular, keyword optimized content (with low bounce rates and high on-page/site time) to compete for Google’s love. That means, your content needs to keep people on your site for longer, encourage social conversation (sharing) and be relevant to your keyword strategy. Video is interactive, it is easily ‘shareable’, you can tag it with all of your keywords and it engages an online audience.

Make your own social media loop by uploading optimized video content, putting it on Youtube, sharing on your blog, posting on Facebook, and tweeting the link on Twitter. The blogging community is BIG on sharing – that’s what kick-started the ‘blogging revolution’. Video is easily the most shareable content for Bloggers, and once the community gets a hold of it… watch out for the next viral sensation!

Social conversation starts with fresh, sharable content. Google loves that.

*Next in our Series’ The Social Saga’: Google’s attempt to kill Facebook – Google+

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