B2B Video..That Doesn’t SUCK!

It is very common to hear from marketing or business development departments asking us how an explanatory video can help them ‘spice up’ their product/service. We have clients who struggle to sell their business because it is perceived to be…a little dull. Not every company has the mass appeal of Apple. Not every company has the marketing funds to turn their product into a viral sensation (a la Old Spice). Not every company can hire a professional athlete to endorse their services. But there is an audience for every business… and no product is too boring, or complicated or ‘technical’ to turn into an exciting 2 minute video!

Don’t believe us?

B2B doesn’t have to be a bore. Don’t give up on innovative marketing just because your product is complex. Find a way to Explain iT. A fun and simple explanatory video will help you capture your audience, interact with potential customers, enhance your web presence and distinguish you from your competition.

Just look at our portfolio of happy clients! Not a boring video in the bunch! In fact, most of our clients consider themselves ‘B2B’ and a large majority of businesses that create custom videos are technology focused. That means software, online services, automation technologies, digital companies etc. Some have very small niche markets that aren’t always the easiest sell .We specialize in bringing your product to life through video.

So ask yourself this: Would you rather read pages and pages of information from a website, spend mind numbing hours clicking through a whitepaper database, or would you rather find a short video on the homepage that simply explains a product?

We have a winning formula: script + illustration + simplicity + call to action = 2 minutes or less of exciting product/service marketing.

Your message doesn’t have to be boring. A video will help you connect with a broader audience.

Still don’t believe us? We’ve heard it all, so you can put our creative team to the test! We’ll make your product fun like Pixar in no time.

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