Avoiding The Content Cram

You know your company inside and out…

You could tell anyone, anything about your company, anytime, anywhere…

So it’s not surprising that when you come to Illustrate iT Video to create an explainer video, you want to cram as MUCH information as possible into a 2 minute or less animation. It’s perfectly natural, and in fact we love when our clients have so much passion for their product that they could produce a full length movie with their ‘main points’.

However, 2 minutes or less goes by pretty quickly – and your customers don’t want to have an information overload when they see it!

There are a few ways you can avoid ‘content cramming’ in your Illustrate iT video – here’s some advice from our team of experts:

Get to the Point – quickly…

Don’t dilly dally… get to the main points of the video within the first 30 seconds. It’s a great idea to have an introduction, but make sure that you introduce the main benefits, or problem areas your business addresses sooner rather than later. To avoid running out of room, decide what your strongest arguments are, and use them first!

Say it with pictures…

Remember, video is a visual medium, not everything needs to be spoken. If you find you are running out of word space, be visual. Talk to the animators and agree on a method of showing the information, rather than speaking every word. A picture paints a thousand words… which will seriously cut down on your word count!

Tell a story – beginning, middle and end…

Be structured in your approach. Address the problem, provide a solution and end with a ‘call to action’. That’s a great, time tested formula to keep your focus in check. If your ideas circle around, the result is confusion and an ineffective video.

Less word count does not equal less quality. Just make sure that every word has a purpose!

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