Animation Isn’t Cute

Just because it’s animated, doesn’t mean it has to be ‘cute’.

There are still companies with the mindset that animation is too ‘cute’ for their brand, or for their audience. But the reality is that animation can take on any style, mood, intent or target audience you can imagine.

Accompanied by an appropriate script, animation can range from adorable and campy to the other side of the spectrum – professional, polished and informational.

YOU decide what concept will be the best fit for your brand and best method of reaching and communicating with your intended market. Maybe it IS a cute, comical cartoon that will draw in a new audience online.

Perhaps, you are looking for a strategic marketing video that will fit into an existing campaign.

Are you simply searching for a way to communicate your services on your website or as part of an integrated sales/marketing approach?

A short animation can go a long way! A one minute explanation (or elevator pitch) might be just what you need to introduce an online market to your services and products. A fun video with a unique concept and punchy dialogue can spice up your website, or even go viral and spread your message around the Internet! A video that simply demonstrates the value of your company can be a very effective sales tool

that your team can use to initiate conversation and connect with potential customers.

Animation can be useful in so many different ways – and it doesn’t always have to be ‘cute’! Just look at our portfolio to see the ways animation can be used to boost your business and stay consistent with your brand.

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