Animated Video FAQs… We have The Answers!

This week, we’re opening the FAQ vault and answering some of your most pressing questions about animated video! Here’s what our clients are

asking us about lately…


Q: Can I keep and repurpose the art files your team develops for my video?


A: Of course! For a small fee, our artists will hand over working art files for all of the incredible animations in your video. Our clients love to use these illustrations for other marketing efforts, and have even integrated many of these renderings into large-scale campaigns, logos and branding for collateral pieces, web skins, mobile apps etc.


Ask us about getting source files at the end of your project. Animation: the gift that keeps on giving!


Q: Do I get to choose my Voice over artist?


A: Yes. In fact, you’ll get the opportunity to choose from 5 top professional VO artists, all with different styles, energy and cadence. Choose the voice that best represents your brand, they will be your mouthpiece and tell your story along with the animation.


Q: Can I get a soundtrack for my video?


A: Music can definitely enhance the overall impact of a video. We include sound effects (BAM! POW! CREEEEAAAAK!), but we also offer the option of adding stock or composed music. With a small additional fee to cover the Internet copyright license, we’ll find the right soundtrack for your video, from Classical to Quirky– it’s up to you!


Q: Do you offer any video hosting?


A: Funny you should ask! Our 3D animation package NOW includes an Embedded Video player with viewer statistics/analytics, heat maps, clickable call to action, private sharing, video embedded email campaigns, and public sharing links. All the bells and whistles to make your video a lead-generating machine!


We also offer these packages as a stand alone option (ask us about pricing), even if you didn’t produce your video with us and are in need of dedicated B2B video hosting.

Feel free to send your animated video questions to

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