5 Pieces Of Content That Need A Makeover

You know you want to start making video, but you wonder where you’ll get the content. A lot of clients struggle with how to come up with content to use for video projects – but great video content is often staring them right in the face!


Our advice is this: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Put the wheels in motion.


Let me explain. You don’t have to always come up with brand spanking new content for every new campaign you want to launch; you may have some video-ready content in your existing library.


Here are a few examples of content that can easily be turned into video, chances are, you’ve already got some of these pieces in your back pocket.


A Blog

One of the trends we are seeing more and more is that companies are turning their blogs into a cool video blog series. You’ve already come up with topics that are relevant and compelling – keep it fresh by adding a little video!



Your FAQ section is a great place to find content for video. Take a few common questions and turn the answers into a video. FAQ sections can be really dry and underutilized… a video FAQ section would be anything but!



You already invested some time and money to design some diagrams or infographics about your products or services, an animated video can bring those images to life! It is far easier to showcase a product or a process by putting in motion in front of a captive online audience.




Case Studies

Case studies and Customer testimonials are fantastic marks of honour for your company. Showcase your achievements and customer success stories using video, instead of just sticking a quote on your sidebar.


Corporate Brochure

In the past, a corporate brochure was the only way to introduce a company, products and services. Sales teams were armed with one piece of corporate collateral, so it had to say everything about the brand in 6 pages or less. Turn that outdated corporate overview into a video – engage potential customers online, create buzz and interest about your products, easily share with your business and social networks. Take the corporate brochure model to the next level.

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